Sonata Music School

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Sonata Music School, is the first contemporary music school in Los Cabos, Baja California Sur.

Its educative program is based on educational programs used by other renowned music schools around the world.

Sonata music school offers the technical support and tools that will intensify and improve the knowledge of the student.

In an ambience guided by music professionals, the students are able to grow and learn and develop skills that will make them play their instrument in a successful way, as well as being able to compose, record and produce their own music in a unique, professional and effective way.

The experience of working, sharing and studying together with other youngsters who have the same interest in music, allows the student’s progress to be efficient and upwards.

Located within the facilities of the Mission San Jose del Cabo college, in Baja California Sur, the school offers:

  • Theoretical classes
  • Practical classes
  • Auditorium
  • Reduced recording studio for practicing
  • Amphitheater

Besides the general theoretical and production topics taught during the classes, you can choose from the following instruments/specializations:

  • Guitarra
  • Bass Guitar
  • Keyboard
  • Drums
  • Singing


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